Philip Davies MP remains petulant over failed Carer’s Hospital Parking Bill

Below are further email exchanges between Philip Davies MP and Aisha Ali-Khan:


From: philip.davies.mp@parliament.uk
To: akali1880@hotmail.com
Subject: Re: Letter to Philip Davies MP
Date: Sun, 8 Nov 2015 17:24:02 +0000

Dear Ms Ali Khan

Thank you for your further email.

I have addressed all the points you raise in my previous email, and all the questions you ask were all dealt with during my speech. I can only therefore suggest you read through the debate again.

In your own email you say there are 5-6 million carers and that the bill would have applied to 1.13m carers. Therefore you are accepting that only 1 in 6 carers would have benefitted from this Bill (with the others probably having to pay more to make up the shortfall).

I am sorry that I was unable to join you yesterday.

I am very happy to meet any carers who live in my constituency, and they are free to make an appointment at any time.

As you live in the Keighley constituency, I do not represent you and you should make your own MP aware of your views on this or any other issue.

Best wishes
Philip Davies MP

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My response:

Dear Mr Davies,

We, along with 30 plus protesters, braved the wet and cold weather to take part in a protest outside your constituency address last week. We felt deeply disappointed that you could not join us to discuss why you decided to filibuster a bill that could have given free hospital parking to carers.
We were met with two very polite and courteous members of your office, who offered us warm drinks and biscuits, yet we would have liked for you to show us some courtesy by actually turning up and speaking to us yourself.
In response to your email below, you write that Ms Julie Cooper MP’s Bill “would have applied to 1.13m carers” when “there are 5-6 million carers” therefore only “1 in 6 carers would have benefited from this Bill”.
If you had actually read Ms Cooper’s Bill you would have realized that the Bill was only intended to provide free parking for those in receipt of Carer’s Allowance (around 700,000 people) An additional 400,000 could have been eligible as they satisfied the criteria for receiving Carer’s Allowance.
The fact that there are around 5-6 million carers in the UK who are providing care for their family and friends, thus saving the British government over £100 billion, should actually make you feel ashamed that you have deprived hard working, caring and committed carers of a small token of comfort in an otherwise difficult situation.
You claim that the Bill proposed by Ms Cooper would result in “others probably having to pay more to make up the shortfall”. I am sure that many would agree with me when I say that the shortfall that you imagine would actually pale into insignificance when compared with the shortfall your Government would have to meet if all carers stopped caring and allowed the burden of care to fall onto the NHS and other services.

You further claim that as I am not a constituent I cannot contact you in regards to this matter. This is false and misleading. I am not contacting you as a constituent but rather as a member of the British electorate who would like to hold an elected official to account for his actions whilst representing members of his constituency in Parliament.

Finally, as a secondary school teacher, I look forward to reading the transcript of your speech on the now failed Compulsory Emergency First Aid Education (State-Funded Secondary Schools) Bill which would have provided vital life-saving first aid training to pupils in schools, in which you spoke for a mere 52 minutes.

Kind regards

Aisha Ali-Khan


Shipley MP Philip Davies wriggles out of meeting his constituents over carers parking furore

 On Friday 30th October, Julie Cooper MP presented a second reading of the Private Members Bill to the House of Commons. The Bill, which would have given free hospital parking to 1.13 million carers in England, was filibustered by four MPs- Philip Davies MP (Shipley), David Nuttall MP (Bury North), Christopher Chope MP (Christchurch)and Minister for Community and Social Care, Alistair Burt MP (North East Bedfordshire). Their lengthy speeches, lasting for a combined time of just over three hours, meant that the rest of the MPs who were present could not vote on the Bill. Philip Davies MP spoke for a total of 93 minutes nonstop. The Bill now seems likely to be killed off, never to the light of day.
The resulting furore saw headlines all week, condemning the actions of the MPs and a protest was organised, and attended by around 30 carers and their supporters on the 7th November- many of whom were constituents of Mr Davies MP.

As way of an invite and also to explain why we decided to hold the protest, an open letter was sent to Mr Davies MP:

His response, attached below, was the same he had sent to many others who had complained about the way he filibustered the bill. The only additional that was made after he used the cut and paste options was acknowledging our invite and informing us that he may be otherwise engaged.


After forcing myself to read his speech for a second time, I then wrote my response below. 


At the time of publication, I have received another email from Mr Davies which I am looking forward to responding to- will keep you all posted! 

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Carers protest outside Philip Davies MP Shipley office over his sabotage of ‘free hospital parking for carers’ bill.

On Friday 30th October, Philip Davies MP decided to sabotage a private members bill that would have given up to 1.13 million carers’ free parking in hospitals by talking for 93 minutes. He, along with three other Tory MPs ensured that the time allocated for the debate was used up by their speeches, thus leaving no time behind for a vote. These three other MPs are David Nuttall MP, Chrisopher Chope MP, and Minister for Community and Social Care Alistair Burt.

This tactic, known as filibustering, is often used to kill off a bill that is considered worthless. How Philip Davies and his cronies could ever consider such a bill worthless is beyond me.

I, along with two other passionate activists, decided to stage a protest outside Philip Davies MP’s office to show him just how disappointed we were with his actions.


Leaflets were prepared and distributed by fellow protest organisor, Dave Pike, General Secretary of the IWW (Industrial Workers of the World) Union

On the day of the protest, there were around 30 people who came along to show us their support. Many others who could not make it sent messages of solidarity and encouragement.

Below are some pictures from the protest.

We also had fantastic support from Danny Carpenter from BBC Look North who spoke to the protesters about why they were protesting and what message they wanted to send to Philip Davies MP.

This protest will not be a one off example of our frustration and disappointment. We intend to carry on the sterling work began by Julie Cooper MP and many others who have tried to stand up for the rights of carers. 


MP Julie Cooper fighting for carers in Parliament

Our aim is to lobby each and every hospital in England to request that they give carers free parking. Another long term objective is to organise a union specifically for carers, which will provide advice and legal protection to carers.

These are exciting times for those of us who have been treated as a silent and invisible army. Please follow us and help spread the word. We may even end up thanking Philip Davies one day- his actions led to national coverage of an issue that is still being fought behind closed doors by committed MPs like Julie Cooper!