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Daniel Taylor– lawyer to stars such as Hugh Grant & others, believes hacking justified as long as it’s Sharia law.After the debacle of the News of the World (NotW) hacking scandal had cleared, many notable heroes emerged from the wreckage of the court trials and ruined lives; Hugh Grant, handsome and charming face of the HackedOff campaign, who campaigned for a free and accountable press; the dignified Dowler family, whose murdered daughter Milly’s voicemail was hacked into by NotW journalists and their brave lawyer Mark Lewis, then of Taylor Hampton Solicitors Limited.
The very same Taylor Hampton are now engaged in a high profile case defending a foreigner, Bruno Lachaux who, having exhausted the Dubai courts, has now used the British libel courts, to begin proceedings against a number of newspapers for having the temerity to report on the plight of his former wife Afsana Lachaux. Perhaps the ‘free press’ objective of the Hacked Off campaign was lost in translation?
You can imagine how surprised, nay shocked, MACS was when we discovered that Bruno Lachaux was using private data in the legal proceedings, that he had obtained by hacking. HACKING!!!
You’d think that Daniel Taylor, founder of Taylor Hampton, can make his mind up about whether hacking is right or wrong, right?
And yet, in defence to the privacy claim brought against him by Afsana Lachaux, Daniel Taylor claims that as a victim of domestic abuse, Afsana Lachaux has no right to privacy.
“In the premises, none of the Accessed Information has or had any necessary quality of confidence about it, and the Claimant does not and never had any reasonable expectation of privacy in respect of it.”
Daniel Taylor further enhances his reputation as a defender of UAE sharia law by claiming
“..the First Defendant (Bruno Lachaux) was entitled to access the Accessed Information, in particular because the (Dubai) law does not recognise the possibility of secrets between a husband and wife”
First off, this is incorrect. There is no such law that exists, either in Dubai or anywhere else other than, of course, in Daniel Taylor’s and Bruno Lachaux’s minds.
Either you represent hackers like Bruno Lachaux or you represent the victims of hacking. Daniel Taylor cannot sit on the fence, dangling his feet in both camps. And whether the hacking took place overseas, or on British soil- it is STILL hacking!!
Perhaps he has a special wheel of fortune on his bedroom wall he spins it every day to decide which hat he wears to work- does he don his ‘special, self-proclaimed, gum chewing warrior of hacking victims’ cap (worn backwards for added swagger!) or does he settle for the oversized cowboy ‘any hacking goes as long as it’s not in the UK’ Stetson?
If Daniel Taylor still insists on believing that hacking that takes place overseas is somehow acceptable, then we will have no choice but to rename Denial Taylor.
In any case, Denial Taylor seems to be well equipped to defend Afsana Lachaux’s privacy claim- a quick look at his website tells us that he specialises in “Privacy and Confidentiality (Email, Computer and Phone Hacking)
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